Wrongheaded “Minutemen” ignorant of law

30 July 2014 Ralph 0

This past Monday, the self-styled “Minuteman Project” launched its oddly named “Operation Normandy” by which it intends to place “uncounted groups of militias” from “all over the country” plus some 3500 “non-militia volunteers” along the […]

When Police Run Amok

27 July 2014 Ralph 0

We hear a lot lately about out-of-control police brutalizing citizens. It seems every day there is a new report of police violence on an unarmed individual or a SWAT raid on a wrong house. And […]

The Heartache of Palestine

26 July 2014 Ralph 0

If a people invaded my country that my people had been living in peacefully for thousands of years, slew my family and friends, drove me out of my home and took my land, I can […]