Corporate rights: Proposed Amendment

16 April 2015 Ralph 2

Whereas the corporation is by definition an artificial entity of which the owners, directors and officers enjoy statutory privileges including legal immunities not available to private citizens; and Whereas the corporation owes it existence to […]

Gerrymandering the Will of the People

30 August 2014 Ralph 0

PROPOSED Constitutional Amendment RE Congressional District Boundaries (gerrymandering): Whereas the United States of America comprise a federation of sovereign states constituted as a Democratic Republic; and whereas a Democratic Republic is form of representative government […]

GTA’s Basic Problem

13 August 2014 Ralph 0

The real problem with the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise is that one’s only choice of role is to be a criminal. The only way to get points and advance is to commit as […]

Wrongheaded “Minutemen” ignorant of law

30 July 2014 Ralph 0

This past Monday, the self-styled “Minuteman Project” launched its oddly named “Operation Normandy” by which it intends to place “uncounted groups of militias” from “all over the country” plus some 3500 “non-militia volunteers” along the […]

When Police Run Amok

27 July 2014 Ralph 0

We hear a lot lately about out-of-control police brutalizing citizens. It seems every day there is a new report of police violence on an unarmed individual or a SWAT raid on a wrong house. And […]