1. Louis

    I like your ideas, but I have an OPPOSITE idea:

    If the corporations want to be treated like individual people, fine! Let’s treat them like the law treats the of us. They LOSE all of their immunities as corporations! Simple as that.

    They have to be responsible for their actions like the rest of us, and they get no special immunities. If they cause damages in any way shape or form, they are personally liable. If they squander investor’s money, they can be sued for damages. If they pollute and cause environmental damage, they get sued for damages and are prosecuted under criminal law for criminal negligence. No immunity!

    Can you imagine the list of crimes that could be racked up? Bribery. False advertising. Criminal Negligence. Obstruction of Justice. Theft. (Murder? Chevron gunned down a bunch of people in Nigeria, I call that murder!) Accessory to a felony. Running an ongoing criminal enterprise, The list goes on and on….

    They want to be a “person”, then fine! They have to meet every standard that we, as individual citizens have to be responsible for. No more immunity!

    That’s a lot simpler, don’t you think? =)

    • Ralph

      I appreciate what you’re saying, Louis. What you have described is the removal of the “corporate veil” – the legal structure whereby shareholders, officers and directors enjoy legal immunity from personal liability for the acts of the corporation – meaning in effect that the entire purpose of creating corporations – legal immunity – would be nullified.

      That said, it’s just logically ludicrous for a corporation to have any natural rights at all. Natural rights, like the right to free speech, attach by virtue of birth. corporations are not “born” and unless legally dissolved, go on in perpetuity. Imagine an immortal super-powerful soulless conscienceless machine that has as much money as it may need to buy governments and to oppress workers, consumer sand the environment for profit.

      Don’t take away the corporate veil. Take away corporate “rights”. Then you can jail the officers for the corporation’s lies.

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