Gerrymandering the Will of the People

PROPOSED Constitutional Amendment RE Congressional District Boundaries (gerrymandering):

Whereas the United States of America comprise a federation of sovereign states constituted as a Democratic Republic; and

whereas a Democratic Republic is form of representative government in which both state and federal executives and legislators are directly elected by the citizens of the states; and

whereas representative government requires equal representation among legislative districts in order to accurately express the will of the people; and

whereas state legislators are required by this Constitution to draw their respective state’s legislative district geographical boundary lines so as to include equal numbers of citizens in each district, the number of citizens being set by law the same for each district in every state; and

whereas it serves the interests of democracy to preserve and express the political will of communities and to protect communities from being gerrymandered away in order to weaken the political will of the people residing in them; now therefore

1. The legislators of the several states shall draw legislative district lines such that the perimeters of each of the various districts are defined by boundary lines of the shortest length reasonably possible to be drawn.

2. No time limit is imposed upon the several states for the ratification of this article.

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