GTA’s Basic Problem

The real problem with the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise is that one’s only choice of role is to be a criminal. The only way to get points and advance is to commit as many ever more heinous crimes as possible, follow the orders of crime bosses and elude the incompetent NPC (non-player character) AI (artificial-intelligence) cops.

The solution may be for GTA to facilitate a wider variety of player characters. Players should be able to choose to start as one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. Good-guy players could become cops. Cops would rise in rank according to how many bad guys they put away and how big the action they break up.

There could even be undercover cops and bad cops and none of the players know who is or is not really what they appear to be. A mob soldier might be an informant. Think of the possibilities! Online play would be much more interesting in such a virtual world. And, maybe, just maybe, some real lessons about life could be learned by playing a more realistic simulator.

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