The Heartache of Palestine

If a people invaded my country that my people had been living in peacefully for thousands of years, slew my family and friends, drove me out of my home and took my land, I can say without equivocation that I would fight back until either I was dead or the invaders were driven out. Every atrocity committed by the invaders and occupiers of my land would be met with heightened resolve on my part to drive them out. Who among you would not do the same?

Let’s consider Palestine. For thousands of years, the Semitic Palestinian people have peacefully occupied that land. The Jewish bible is not the law of the globe, but nonetheless a group of non-ethnic Jews (from Germany!) who style themselves as “Zionists” persuaded the US and Britain to sanction the invasion and occupation of Palestine, which was allowed to take place in 1948. The people of Palestine were not consulted.

Who are the invaders? What are Zionists? Where did they come from? They came from Germany and parts of Western Europe. They are former Khazar people from Eastern Europe who decades prior had converted to Judaism for political reasons and then migrated west, settling principally into Germany. Zionism is the movement that proclaims the “Holy Land” to be the “promised land” to which displaced Jews are, according to Zionism, entitled to live.

It is these latter-day European Jews who created “Yiddish” which is not Hebrew. These people assimilated some of Jewish culture and also created some for themselves. I’m part Jewish and I love Yiddish and I love much of the culture but I abhor the sense of entitlement as “chosen people” that they used to invade the Middle East. They have no historical or cultural connection to the Middle East and significantly are not ethnically Semitic.

My heart goes out to the Palestinian People. I believe the only viable solution to the Middle East problem, that is, the only way to stop the violence permanently, is for the Zionists to restore Palestine to the Palestinian People to whom it rightly belongs. Then there will be peace.

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