Wrongheaded “Minutemen” ignorant of law

This past Monday, the self-styled “Minuteman Project” launched its oddly named “Operation Normandy” by which it intends to place “uncounted groups of militias” from “all over the country” plus some 3500 “non-militia volunteers” along the US border with Mexico in order to “stop an invasion”. How late did they have to stay up at night to come up with that harebrained idea?

Forget that the purpose of the real operation at Normandy was to conduct an actual military invasion against actual bad guys: Nazis and Fascists. No, the Minutemen intend to prevent the legal entry into the US of innocent refugee children fleeing violence directly caused by America’s vaunted “war on drugs” and by the meddling of the United States in their countries’ sovereign affairs. We are reaping what we have sown as a nation.

What’s more, these kids have been invited to come to the US! Who invited them? Republican-dominated congresses and a Republican president. The 2002 Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, signed into law by President George W Bush, require that unaccompanied South American and Central American (but not North American which includes Mexican) children arriving at the southern border be granted immediate legal entry into the US. Congress was doing the right thing to help these refugee kids and so was President Bush in signing the law.

President Obama is following the law by not deporting them. The law requires that kids arriving at the border who turn themselves in to a border patrol agent or an immigration agent be admitted and transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement from where they are to be quickly placed with relatives already living in the US or with foster families. The kids are given written orders to appear at an immigration hearing at an unspecified date in the future. The kids refer to this order as a ‘permiso’ — a permit, which in effect it is.

What is it the apparently crazed Minutemen don’t understand about that? The must be completely ignorant of the laws their own sacred GOP passed. Have they drunk too much spoiled tea? Have they swallowed so much nasty right-wing kool-aid that their brains have stopped working? Maybe so. Someone should look into that possibility. Someone should inform half-cocked Minutemen of existing law and who passed that law.

Has anyone considered that unaccompanied children having nothing, sleeping rough, traveling furtively for thousands of miles, risking every danger imaginable to get to the US border have to be some of the most motivated, most determined, most energetic people anywhere! Can anyone doubt that such people are assets to society? Think about that.

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