We the People 2

Corporate rights: Proposed Amendment

Whereas the corporation is by definition an artificial entity of which the owners, directors and officers enjoy statutory privileges including legal immunities not available to private citizens; and Whereas the corporation owes it existence to the state; and whereas the state owes its existence to the people; and Whereas rights…

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The Absurdity of Corporate Rights

The notion that a corporation has or should have rights — either natural rights or constitutional rights — the same as a natural person, is patently absurd, even when the corporation is regarded as an artificial person for purposes of legal convenience. Corporations exist only as government franchises. They have…


Common Core and Standardized Testing

The problem with standardized testing is that there is no such thing as a “standardized” child. Attempts to standardize them — no matter how “well intended” — only serve to mediocritize them, stifle individuality and creativity, and turn erstwhile carefree playful kids into obedient compliant little automatons incapable of thinking…

gerrymandering Florida

Gerrymandering the Will of the People

PROPOSED Constitutional Amendment RE Congressional District Boundaries (gerrymandering): Whereas the United States of America comprise a federation of sovereign states constituted as a Democratic Republic; and whereas a Democratic Republic is form of representative government in which both state and federal executives and legislators are directly elected by the citizens…

cop cars with flashing lights

GTA’s Basic Problem

The real problem with the Grand Theft Auto video game franchise is that one’s only choice of role is to be a criminal. The only way to get points and advance is to commit as many ever more heinous crimes as possible, follow the orders of crime bosses and elude…

Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008

Wrongheaded “Minutemen” ignorant of law

This past Monday, the self-styled “Minuteman Project” launched its oddly named “Operation Normandy” by which it intends to place “uncounted groups of militias” from “all over the country” plus some 3500 “non-militia volunteers” along the US border with Mexico in order to “stop an invasion”. How late did they have…

couple of cops at an outdoor event

When Police Run Amok

We hear a lot lately about out-of-control police brutalizing citizens. It seems every day there is a new report of police violence on an unarmed individual or a SWAT raid on a wrong house. And it seems predictable that the offending officers are found innocent of wrongdoing by internal investigations….

Palestinian loss of land 1946-2000

The Heartache of Palestine

If a people invaded my country that my people had been living in peacefully for thousands of years, slew my family and friends, drove me out of my home and took my land, I can say without equivocation that I would fight back until either I was dead or the…